Ecumenical catholic Church of Christ

Ecumenical catholic Church of Christ

Saturday, August 23, 2014


This is an official  weblog of the Holy Apostolic Church of USA. An ancient Church that originated in the first century by the apostles in the Middle East but unfortunately has suffered and eventually died. We are restoring the Ancient Apostolic Church of Persia. A church that not belongs to any ethnic group and a minority but to all the Christian who want to follow Christ according to the doctrine of the apostles. A church that has a true apostolic succession and follows the ancient doctrine of the Universal Church. All the home based churches who are looking to connect to the true Apostolic Church and follow the doctrine of Ecumenical councils and eventually establishing officially parishes and dioceses around the world please contact us.

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  1. کلیسای کاتولیک فارسی در انگلستان وجود داره؟ من از کلیساهای که رفتم رضایت ندارم کلام تا عمل یکی نیست و نپسندیدم اما کنجکاو شدم با کلیسای کاتولیک بیشتر آشنا بشم و از زندیک آشنا بشم. من هر کلیسایی رفتم رفتار ریاکارانه داشتن یا مواضعشون رو درست مشخص نمیکنن