Ecumenical catholic Church of Christ

Ecumenical catholic Church of Christ

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Spiritual Reflection on an Embryo's and a Person's lives

Have you ever thought about the similarities that can be between the life of an embryo in the womb of the mother and a person's life in society? Even though it is hard to realize, there could be many common aspects between them, it is possible to assume that an embryo and a person have similar lives and understanding of life. In two societies, the womb and wherever a person lives, they meet their primary needs and they try to survive and protect themselves against anything that can endanger their life. Moreover, they live in a status of ignorance and confusion regarding their present and future. Therefore, an embryo and a person might be two faces of the same coin. An embryo and a person have very similar life style. They both live in an environment which helps them to grow and to become more mature biologically and psychologically. They both are fed by another person and without that other they may not survive even a day. Moreover, an embryo has a certain period of time to prepare itself for another step of life and he would not be able to do this without the help of the other, which is his mom, as well a man in the society has a limited period of time to get ready for another step which could be a possible life after death. Life is similar to a river which has a goal to reach the ocean, it is impossible thinking there is no any destination for such a sophisticated life. Therefore, the embryo and the man have a limited period of time to become enough mature for other societies like human and supernatural. Another common aspect of the life of an embryo and the life of a person consists in their ignorance and confusion of their transition situation. It will be hard for an embryo to think about a society other that the womb of its mother. As well, it will be unbelievable for a person to think about another life other that this physical society. Moreover, a baby in the womb of its mother never can imagine a life in full light in which he can walk and run. He can never believe in a life that he can eat whatever he likes and do whatever he would do. The same might be for a person who does not believe in another life in which he is not limited to meet his physical needs. It is very hard for a person to realize any future life after death without limitation of time and place. This is how it is for an embryo realizing a totally different life in which he can be free of close environment of womb. They both live in a status of ignorance because they have developed an empirical understanding of their life. Therefore, an embryo and a person do not differ very much from each other because they both experience a total ignorance of their presence and futures. In conclusion, there are many similarities between the life of an embryo and the life of a person in the society. They both want to meet their primary needs in order to become more mature physically and psychologically for another life. In addition, they both are not aware of their future because they live and think that is the end there will be nothing after that. They do not believe in light, they are pleased with that darkness which surrounds them, but one day that darkness will turn into the light and the truth will be discovered.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Being Positive

I believe that we must purify our hearts, minds and eyes. Many times what we think and what we say is a negative result of our personal experiences which should never be generalized as a current logic for all the world. Let us see the good in everything and be an optimistic person. My dear friend , look for the positive, think positively, see the positive side of everything and I'm sure you'll find the entire world positive. Remeber when you go to a party, you say "I want to enjoy this happy moment" It's right! this short life is like a happy moment in a party, so enjoy it in a right way before it is finished!